Manitoba Arts Council


Annual Operational Grant $12 535.00 

Arts Enrichment Grants - 

Musical Theatre 4 weeks of 2022 camps

Musical Theatre - 2 - 12 week sessions - 2022-23 year


MB Government

Sustainability Grant 

$4 900.00

The Manitoba Arts Council is an arm’s-length agency of the Province of Manitoba, established in 1965 “to promote the study, enjoyment, production and performance of works in the arts.” MAC makes awards to professional arts organizations and individuals in all art forms including theatre, literature, dance, music, painting, sculpture, architecture or the graphic arts, and includes other similar creative or interpretative activity, including arts education. MAC uses a peer assessment process in making awards. Historically, the main criterion used to assess applications is artistic merit.

MAC is funded through Manitoba Sport, Culture and Heritage. MAC reports annually through the Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage to the Provincial Legislature in its Annual Report , and board operations are audited annually.

Healthy Together Now 

Intergenerational Programs




Healthy Together Now is a community-led, regionally coordinated and government supported, grassroots program to help prevent chronic disease in Manitoba. Projects are planned and led by individual communities while the Manitoba government and regional health authorities provide funding, support and training. The program operates in five regional health authorities and targets Manitobans who are most at risk for chronic disease in rural, urban, First Nations and Métis communities. Program goals include:

  • supporting communities that lead prevention activities

  • encouraging organizations, communities, regions and governments to work together to help prevent chronic disease

  • building on and blending with existing prevention programs, and developing new ones

  • increasing communities’ knowledge and ability to run prevention programs for a variety of chronic diseases

New Horizons Grant for Seniors

$25 000.00

Disc Golf installed Green Acres Park

Floor Curling Lanes

Floor Shuffleboard courts


Canada Summer Jobs Grant

2022 Funding - $ 40 000.00+ 

10 positions for summer camps

2 positions for senior activities 

Interlake Community Foundation 

Annual funding for local organizations like ourselves

Items received by the GAAC over the years - 

Sound System & accessories

Xboxs & Projector

Equipment for camps - sports

Video Recorder