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In 1978 the last step to becoming an official organization was completed. The Centre was legally incorporated. In 1995 the Centre’s name was changed from the Interlake Regional Art Centre to Green Acres Art Centre Inc. (GAAC) but continued to have the same vision. 

Over the years the Centre provided a variety of programs and workshops such as painting, pottery, macrame, theatre, music lessons and dance and much more. The Centre presently has a variety of dance programs, piano, guitar, drum lessons, theatre classes, yoga, fitness and art instruction. 

Many people who grew up in the area will have fond memories of their time as a child participating in Summer Funtastics. This summer program was extremely popular and gave children exposure to a variety of arts activities such as painting and pottery. Today children are still making fond memories at summer camps at the GAAC.

Many incredible volunteers were involved in bringing Arts to the Interlake but the two main driving forces were Graham and Vera Clarke. This amazing couple/team gave so much of their heart and soul into bringing art alive in the Interlake. Graham was the artist who taught classes to the enthusiastic students at the Centre and at schools. Vera was the Executive Assistant who worked countless hours for no pay to ensure the success of the Centre. Graham taught for years and Vera did some teaching also but her first priority was the daily operations of the Centre. After years of dedication they pursued other career journeys. Thirty some years later the couple still had love for the GAAC. Graham joined the team once again and still today is ‘brushing’ his passion for art at the Centre. Graham has told us many times how extremely happy he is to see the GAAC still thriving 40 years later. This to us is the best compliment ever! 

The GAAC is governed by a volunteer board, which is always filled with positive, energetic and enthusiastic community minded people that are committed to the continued success of the organization for years. Over the years, board members came and went but three people who dedicated decade to the centre were Christina Driscoll, and Marge and Gary Paulin. After giving so much of their heart and soul in the GAAC and losing Gary, they decided to retire and encourage new faces to the organization. There was a new group of people passionate about keeping the arts alive in the community recruited to the board, and the ladies were able to step away and feel confident the Centre would continue to enrich the lives of others. 

The new board revitalized programming and completely renovated the interior and exterior of the Centre. The current GAAC board’s main goal is to ensure everyone who walks through the doors of the Centre, whether a member or a guest, has a positive experience. The renovations provide an art/dance studio environment and the members, incredible instructors, board members, and Colleen and Stacey create an atmosphere full of inspiration and creativity. We are confident in the high quality programming currently being offered and are excited for new ideas to emerge at the Centre. 

The present board meets once a month and hosts its AGM every November. New board members are always welcome and may join at any time throughout the year. If you are interested in being on the board and would like more information on how to join please contact Lana by email or 204-886-3192.

Everyone’s contribution, even if it is small, makes a BIG difference. It takes a village to raise a child but it takes a group of dedicated volunteers to build the village.

Green Acres Art Centre

Green Acres Art Centre Inc (GAAC) is a non-profit organization located in the entrance of the Green Acres Park in Teulon, MB. The GAAC celebrated 40 years of providing arts and culture to the Interlake in 2018. Graham Clarke, the original founder of the GAAC, currently instructs for us and compliments the board regularly; he is very happy that his dream of providing arts to the Interlake is continuing on still after 40 years. 

We acknowledge that these accomplishments were made possible with strong support from all levels of government; grants, donations and gifts in kind from non-governmental agencies, local organizations and volunteers; and generations of community members dedicated to the success and longevity of the Centre. 

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