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Alycia is an independent dance instructor who has a love for sharing her gift of dance with the youth of her community. She has been dancing since the age of three and has been instructing dance for sixteen years for all ages and skill levels. Her primary focus has always been to develop and offer instruction in Pre Dance Ballet, Lyrical and Jazz that is of the highest quality in terms of age appropriate choreography and solid technique.


As often as she can, she attends conventions and workshops across Canada and the US to keep her work current. 


Through her studies she has completed Ballet exams in the Cecchetti syllabus as well as Jazz and Tap exams in the ADAPT syllabus. Alycia has completed her training and is proud to be an ADAPT certified instructor. 


Alycia fosters the belief that a community centre can offer a balance of recreational dance that is safe and fun while at the same time provide a strong foundation of skill that allows confidence and personal growth to flourish.

Elena Photo.jpg

Elena has been dancing since the age of 3. From Creative Movement to competing on a National Stage, as Elena grew, so did her love for dance. Elena has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, and Ukranian Dance. She has received ISTD Ballet Exams and recognition for performances as a dancer (CNDC, Manitoba Dance Festival, 5,6,7,8 Dance Convention) and as a choreographer (Manitoba Dance Festival and RFOTA). Elena is always looking for new opportunities to share her passion of dance and performance. Elena is currently enrolled at the University of Winnipeg and is working towards a degree in Theatre with a minor in Creative Writing. She can’t wait to see what her future holds!


Arthur is a theatre educator who has been teaching theatre and film for over 10 years with Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Green Kids Inc., The Autism Learning Centre, Saint Amant, and Frontier College. Arthur has had the opportunity to teach theatre and film to children from across the province. Arthur is incredibly excited to come back to Teulon to teach theatre and film for the Green Acres Art Centre! Arthur is deeply committed to making theatre accessible to anyone who wants to give it a try no matter what age, ability level, or background. 

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I was born with rhythm in my bones, melody in my heart, and a deep desire to communicate through lyrics. The traditional approach to music never worked for me - after 8 years of piano lessons and much frustration, I called it quits. A year later, I grabbed Dad's old guitar and began strumming 3 chords I learned in a book on the beach. That's where the magic began. Given the freedom to learn at my own pace and express in the ways that made sense to me, I self-recorded 5 albums of original music before the age of 22. From there, I attended audio recording school in Arizona, completed an in-studio internship in Nashville, and went on to join bands of all genres and play many different instruments all over the U.S and Canada - Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals, and even screaming in metal bands! My true strength does not lie in a stiff traditional approach; I engage students the way I engage my own interest - what makes you tick? What are you passionate about? What gives you energy? What are you interested in? Let's jump into it! I can break it down in simple terms that you can see and feel and not over-mentalize. I believe that ANYBODY can learn to play and sing confidently and effectively with the proper support and belief in oneself. The world needs more musical expression and fewer egos - let go of the idea of perfection and present your heart and soul through sound. Ready? Let's go!


Janet Hamm has been playing the piano all her life, starting with lessons at the age of 5, studying with a variety of teachers in southern Manitoba, and getting her ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music in 1990. She is a regular pianist in her church, and enjoys accompanying singers and instrumentalists for Festivals and recitals. Janet has been living and teaching in the Interlake since 1994. She currently lives in Riverton with her husband.

Evan Friesen Photo.JPG



Evan is originally from the French community Ste. Anne, MB but moved to Manitoba’s Interlake in Sandy Hook 6 years ago. He comes from a long career in music, over 20 years playing drums in various bands and touring the country playing honky-tonk bars to beautiful theatres and everything in between. 


His past musical endeavors include most recently Surf n Turf, a surf musci cover band, playing on the Juno nominated Little Miss Higgins and the Winnipeg Five’s album Bison Ranch Recordings and previously of Manitoba’s finest Roots group The F-Holes!


Starting this fall he’ll be accepting students and is excited to teach young people in the Interlake the art of drumming.

Graham Clarke Photo.JPG

Graham Clarke grew up in Winnipeg and graduated from U of M Fine Arts in 1964. He settled in Inwood with his family in the early 1070’s and taight art through many programs such as artist-in-residence and artist in the community. 

Painting and teaching have been an enduring passion for Graham over the years. In 1976, Graham was the co-founder of the Interlake Art Centre, now called Green Acres Art Centre.

Graham’s paintings are mostly landscapes of the beautiful country of northern Saskatchewan, northern Manitoba, and the Whiteshell and Nopiming parks of Manitoba and Quetico canoeing park in Ontario. 
Graham also taught drawing and painting at The Winnipeg Art Gallery for twelve years. He has had five one-man shows in Winnipeg and many group shows. His work is in many collections. 

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Hello! My name is Patsy Duncan and I live in Balmoral, MB. I have been a group fitness instructor (Manitoba Fitness Council) for over 15 years. I have been teaching fitness at the Green Acres Art Centre for that long and at the Gordon Howard Centre in Selkirk, MB for 12. I have also taught fitness through Continuing Education and privately.


I love motivating people to be active and to achieve their fitness goals in a safe and fun environment. In class we engage in activities that contribute to overall strength, endurance, cardiovascular efficiency and flexibility. Maintaining an active lifestyle helps to improve the quality of life as we age. It also boosts energy, relieves stress and increases longevity.

Maegan Trach Photo.jpg



Maegan Trach is excited to be working with the Green Acres Art Centre to offer preschool programs to the community. Maegan is the creator and facilitator of Launching Little Learners, a free program for  parents/caregivers and children age 3-5. The goal is to create a fun learning environment for young children and their parents and provide tools for early literacy, numeracy, and more. This program began in the winter/spring of 2019 and Maegan is delighted to partner with GAAC to offer a free fall session beginning in September 2020. Maegan has a Bachelor of Education and is currently a stay at home mom homeschooler who is passionate about Montessori inspired education for young children. Maegan is a member of the South Interlake Early Childhood Coalition (whose goal is to bring free early childhood programming to communities in the Interlake) and she continues to further her education by attending professional development opportunities in order to keep improving her programs for the future.


Heather McDermid is a Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-500) from Stonewall, MB, who has been practicing and studying the ancient healing art of Yoga for the past 20 years. She was certified in 2003 by Sandra Sammartino, a gifted Yoga master from BC. Heather teaches on inspired flow, and shares with others what has helped her the most. She also has certifications in PRenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, and a recent certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga. She actively continues her studies, with recent interests including Energy-based healing and the sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda. 


Yoga is a practice of turning inward to reconnect with and heal our mind, body and spirit. The style of Yoga that I teach is gentle to the body, where the breath is the center and focus. When we work from a place of breath & awareness, our bodies relax, our mind becomes calm, and prana (energy) is activated to allow deep healing for our whole body. My desire is to share Yoga with all ages, abilities, and walks of life, and I currently offer classes from birth and beyond.



Hey! Elisa here. As a newbie to the GAAC team, I am so excited to provide my knowledge and experiences to people in the community and surrounding areas. I have a diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design, a degree in Fine Arts including Visual Arts, Theatre, and Film, and a degree in Education. But that’s just the technical stuff…


I have been working with kids since I was a kid lol. I have been teaching kids both full-time and part-time for the past 14 years. Taking field trips to galleries and theatres, running Visual Arts and Drama clubs, leading film projects, creating collaborative school-wide arts projects as a guest artist, and producing talent shows for schools and surrounding communities are just a few of my great experiences.


Since I became a mom almost 9 years ago, it has also allowed me to focus on the preschool age group. I have been teaching 4-year-olds for the past 6 years in conjunction with Family Connections and local schools. Certainly a fun age group that keeps me on my toes!


I have been lucky enough to travel the world to truly immerse myself in and appreciate the amazing arts, histories, and cultures of different people. I feel that this has helped me to not only be a more well-rounded and versatile person, but also a teacher.


I tell people all the time that anyone can create art and be an artist. All it takes is practice, practice, practice! I very much look forward to working with you and creating some awesome art together!

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