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General Sponsorships

Sponsorships contribute to

• Annual Administration & Marketing
• Annual Office Employee, Coordinators & Part time Employees’ Wages
• Facility fees - Programs, Activities, & Camps are facilitated at GAAC & a variety of local facilities.
• Equipment, Supplies & Materials to enhance the experience for members
• Reduced Registration Fees Sponsorships Receive

GAAC social media
GAAC website Sign displayed front entrance of GAAC Portable Sign displayed at all events
Quarterly GAAC Newsletter
Publicly acknowledged at all GAAC event 
Sponsors will be listed on our website
Making a Shining Difference

Rising Star            $500.00
Bright Star          $1000.00
Eternal Star        $1500.00
Northern Star     $2500.00
Blazing Star        $5000.00
Cluster Star        $7500.00
Shooting Star  $10,000.00
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